I’m glad that I didn’t jump into a new comic today

classicsupergirlIt happens so often when I go to a comic store. I wonder over to DC and look at their brightly colored, spandexed super heroes and villains, and remember the love that I once had for The DC Animated Universe (Batman The Animated Series – Justice League Unlimited), or even furtherback to The Challenges of The Superfriends. Now, I’m a Marvel kind of guy typically, but my first heroes were DC cartoon characters, so I keep trying to get into them, but anyways, I’m tangenting too much here.

All I wanted to do was find a Harley Quinn graphic novel to read, purchase, and fall in love with. Thankfully, I couldn’t find one on the weirdly un-alphabetized bookshelfs of DNA Comics, my local comic book store that sells fanart from Deviantart illegally without permission from the artists.

So why is NOT finding what I came in there a good thing? Because apparently DC is about to reboot their entire universe, yet again, according to Evan Narcisse‘s article on Kotaku. As a consumer and afan of comics, I just can’t do it again.

SupergirlsMy favorite DC comic when I was just out of High School was Linda Danvers Supergirl. She was ‘The Earth-born Angel of Fire,’ as well as the combination of Matrix, a shapeshifting protoplasm from an alternate universe who was Supergirl at the time, and a confused young woman who might of dabbled in Satanism before having her life saved by Matrix combining with her. I never got to read the entire series of this comic, as two graphic novel exist. I did, however, get to read several comics from the end of her series that somehow included the original Supergirl who existed prior to Crisis on Infinite Earths. You might remember her from that series, dead and in Superman’s arms.


APPARENTLY, she was meant to die, and the universes had to combine and blah blah blah. They later gave us back alternate universes with new 52, and yet now… that’s not good enough and several characters are getting… revitalized? Past events wont be erased… just never mentioned so it’s kind of like that happened? I don’t know.

I’m currently back into comics with Spider-Verse, mainly for Spider-Girl, but I don’t know if I will stay too long afterwords. DC isn’t a safe refuge from Marvel’s Secret War this Summer it seems, as going there might just break my heart. Again. For like a 4th time?

Oh well. I guess all that we can do is live in the moment, and fondly remember the past… right?


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