Where is the original Dead Rising?

Deadrising_boxartIn 2006, Dead Rising launched as Capcom’s first new franchise on X-Box 360. This single player horror game was more comedic than other series, such as Resident Evil, as it followed series game protagonist, and award winning photojournalist, Frank West on his 3 day fact hunting mission in Willamette, Colorado after something huge and mysterious happens to the town… *spoilers* it was zombies… and crazy people… but mostly zombies.

Since it’s debut, Dead Rising has had multiple sequels on X-Box 360, PS3, PC, X-Box One, and PS4. The original Dead Rising was ported’ to Nintendo’s Wii console in 2009, but sadly at the cost of it’s own game engine, as they used the same one Capcom made for Resident Evil 4 Wii edition. This completely changed the game, and sadly not for the better.

True EyeSince Dead Rising: Chop till You Drop, Dead Rising’s protagonist has appeared in crossover fighting games, RPG’s, and even an alternate What if scenario of Dead Rising 2, but the original game hasn’t seen the light of day since.

With this new console generation, companies have put out ‘definitive editions,’ some of which have completely upgraded the visual look, fixed bugs, added content, etc. The previous console generation continues to see many collected games in beautiful HD, such as Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts and Hitman series. Isn’t it time for Dead Rising to get a fresh coat of paint, or at the very least… it’s dust blown off?

UK gamer Joseph Dinsdale certainly thinks so, as he has created a petition on change.org asking Capcom to please “Release Dead Rising 1 on PC,” but sadly… that was five long months ago. Two weeks ago, he finally achieved 50 signatures.


It’s fun to dream that Capcom is planning something huge for the original game’s 10th anniversary next year, but I honestly doubt they want to give any more attention to this Keiji Inafune creation than they have to.


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