“Why are Mexican’s so Mexican”

IMG_0657On my cruise, our first stop was the town Progresso inside of The Yucatan. While there, we had this awesome tour guide Cumin while going to Dzibilchaltun, On the way back, he asked us if we had any questions. Outside of finding out about how stingerless bees exist, there weren’t many questions, so he offered one that he was sure most people were afraid to ask, “Why are Mexican’s so Mexican?” He then went into a race fueled conversation about Mestizos.

  • mestizo (/mɛˈstizoʊ/), noun
    A person of mixed racial ancestry, especially of mixed European and Native American ancestry.

In a nut shell, a mestizo is a half breed, typically described as someone who is of 1/2 European and 1/2 Native American descent. We were explained that when you get off of a boat for months with nothing but men, and all of a sudden you saw these beautiful women, they became the most beautiful women you had ever seen, and so naturally you would take 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 30 wives. The Spaniards  apparently waited for approval from The Pope though in order to get married, as well as to spread their religion, as that’s how classy these guys were. Later on though, Europeans came with slaves, other people came and waged and stayed for some love making, some Chinese came, etc.

When the tourists are away, the Mexicans can be real Mexican’s, and less politically correct, as they use words to describe the racial appearance of one another. For example, Cumin has the nickname “Cumin negroito” or Little Black Boy. Chinese would be chinito, especially if you have Asian-appearing eyes, and so forth. It’s not considered racist, but just how they are. Furthermore, when getting married, it is extremely common for light to go with dark, apparently, as the opposite finds the other attractive. Dark women to light man, light man to dark women.

Athemoreyouknowt this point, my companions and I looked at each other astonished and said “Did that explanation really just happen?”

I knew Hispanics were technically 1/2 breeds from the natives who came to the continent of North America across the ice bridge, and the Spaniards who colonized… I just had no idea that their women were apparently the most sought after in the world to breed with. My God!


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