I hate Shiek…

Shiek: Melee, Brawl, Wii U

…still being around.

Shiek, Princess Zelda’s alter ego from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, has been in three out of four Super Smash Bros. Games, *Hyrule Warriors (rightfully so) and honestly, I could really use less of him.

In Melee, Link and Young Link were around, as were Princess Zelda and Shiek. It made since, given that the previous games that had each character in them. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Nintendo replaced Young Link from Majora’s Mask with Toon Link from the more recent Wind Waker game, while Link was slightly updated to be more like his Twilight Princess iteration. Link didn’t turn into a wolf, but it was something. Zelda was there, and she could turn into Shiek.. yet.. again? Apparently the updated design was made around the time of Twilight Princess, but was not used in that game… but yet Shiek is still around? By the time Smash for 3DS and Wii U came out, Zelda and Shiek were split into two different characters, Toon Link was still there, and Link was mostly the same.

tetraWhere is Toon Zelda? In Brawl she could have turned into Tetra, and in Wii U they both could have existed. Shiek was in one game from a long time ago, and now we have to accept that she is here to stay as far as Smash is concerned? What is the point of almost every Zelda game having a different Zelda and Link again?

Adult Zelda can even use Toon Zelda’s Phantom soldier form, adding insult to injury.

The real bottom line, is that I think Ocarina’s time has ended, and that characters from other points in the series’ franchise should be explored. Or hey, if Nintendo loves Shiek so much, maybe they should actually put him* in a new Legend of Zelda game so the character becomes actually relevant again.

femalelinkHWI know! WHAT IF there is a game, and it has like… young Link in it, and a young version of Shiek. You play it for a while, only to discover that the Link character is actually Princess Zelda, and Shiek is actually Link this time around! Mind blown, Shiek is super relevant all of a sudden… hell, there could even be crossdressing in it where Zelda becomes Shiek and Shiek officially become Link and… wow. No? Okay.

*Hyrule Warriors is a better game because of Shiek’s inclusion.
**Since Zelda had been passing as a man for seven years, referring to Shiek as a woman just feels offensive.

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