Dojo Quest

ladylisaWhile watching the trailer for the new Adam Sandler movie, Pixels, I caught a glimpse of the image to the left stating: “Unlock Lady Lisa at

What is Dojo Quest? Who is Lady Lisa? Is she going to be the Pauline-like character in this movie where aliens have attacked The Earth with real life video game characters? Below is the trailer for this game that can be played for free on both Google Play and on Apple’s App Store.


Ashley Benson, best known from tv show Pretty Little Liars, plays Lady Lisa, in this game that was made for her character in Pixels. Lisa reminds me a bit of SNK’s arcade game Athena, as well as Nintendo’s leading lady mostly off again Mario love interest, Pauline, from Donkey Kong.

athena and pauline

The game looks really fun, but unfortunately both my iPhone 4 and Galaxy Tab 2 are both too outdated to play this game that sort of looks like something you would have seen from an old Taito arcade.

Oh! Here’s Pixel’s trailer… in case you want to see Sony’s answer to Wreck it Ralph… which, let’s face it… wont be as successful.

For behind the scenes pictures of Ashley wearing her Lady Lisa costume, check out this article Daily Mail did last year:


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