Protect Me Knight 2: The Princess’s Tokimeki Rhapsody

AKA: Minna de Mamotte Knight: Hime no Tokemeki Rhapsody

You know that one game, that even though you own it already, you buy again and again on every new console that you get a chance to do so on? Maybe it’s Super Mario, Dead Rising Resident Evil 4, Doom, or the original Halo. Well, sadly, one of my favorite games isn’t popular enough for that… until NOW! … well.. almost now?

Protect Me Knight was an Xbox Live indie game that I’ve loved since it came out, but sadly was never able to share with other people at anime conventions, due to the limitations of the platform. Commercially released games on console, for some weird reason, have to be rated by The ESRB (in North America) in order for people to play them, however, ‘online interactions are not rated by The ESRB,’ and The Indie Marketplace uses this loophole by making it mandatory to have your system online in order to play the games purchased from said marketplace. Nifty right? Until all of your games become utterly useless at say… an anime or gaming convention.

So are Xbox indie games becoming offline playable? HELL NO! But hey, Ancient Corp has made a sequel called Mamotte Knight 2: Hime no Tokemeki Rhapsody Protect Me Knight 2: The Princess’s Tokimeki Rhapsody, to the 3DS, and they are currently localizing it!

protectme1That’s awesome… right? Yes, and no. I, honestly, want to play it either on a console that is plugged into a TV, or on a PC via Steam. I’m nitpicking, but with everything going on at one time, it being on TV would be awesome! But sadly, games that I really want to play ::cough:: Kid Icarus ::cough:: end up on a screen that’s smaller than desired. Oh well… at least I can play it with friends at a convention… eventually.


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