Steven V. Pony, or Cartoon Civil war?

Steven-Universe-Premiere-postApparently, there is/was(?) a war brewing in the cartoon fandoms everyone, we are at threat level plad! Apparently the fans of Steven Universe hate the My Little Pony community, and they are out for blood… or… whatever Bronies bleed. Is it fruit punch and butterflies? That just… sounds right, for some reason.

A moderator from the popular website Equestria Daily had announced that they were going to make a similar site about Steven’s Universe, and apparently Steven’s fandom flip their collective shit because they want nothing to do with all of the Brony neck-beards that have made a little kids show about friendship and tolerance into some depraved and dirty thing. The moderator, not wanting to start some sort of war, canceled the idea, but of course there have been a lot of anger in both fandoms.

… … …

So apparently there is this trans feminist activist person named Joanna Blackhart who posted this on her tumblr:


Matt Burnett, a man, and one of the writers on Steven, has made sure to let everyone know that Steven Universe is for almost everyone to watch and enjoy.



So… anyways… adults, let’s not fight over who can watch shows for our children anymore, please? Bronies can watch Steven Universe, and Steven Universe fans can just… you know… not Google the disturbing fan art bronies might make about their fandom.

… … …

I’m just fucking done. Jumping from Deviant Art (where I first learned about the fiasco) to tumblr to twitter to … other sites. was exhausting for this article, which seems ridiculous.Just watch and enjoy the shows that you enjoy, please.


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