Cosplay Day Out turns 10!

P1140080One of the greatest things about cosplay, is being able to meet people who are excited just to see that a person like you exists… and despite that single, perfect moment when you meet… all I can think is: “F**K! I forgot to take off my glasses and where are my gloves?!”

P1140065Cosplay Day Out happened this year, moving away from last year’s Jessie Jones Park, and back to Hilton C Schott park!

While there was competition this weekend with Aggie con, Cosplay Day Out had a good turn out, and people seemed to really enjoy themselves… too much, in fact, as I didn’t actually get too many opportunities to take pictures, what with me also competing in the cosplay contest. Spoiler, I uh.. did not walk away with a physical prize… but I did achieve a moral victory, as it was my 2nd time competing, the last time being an extremely long time ago.

Here are a few more awesome photos, with a link to the gallery:

P1140085 P1140069 P1140052P1140054


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