unimaidThe main reason that I have useless Sunday posts, is due to the fact that Sunday doesn’t actually have to be useless! It can be a great time to brainstorm! For example, a friend of mine made a suggestion about doing a post about a mashup of mermaids and unicorns that ended up being too huge for a worthless Sunday post, so expect something amazing for Monday! That being said, the image to the left wont be involved, and thus… Sunday has become worthless again… huh. So what can be done on Sunday?

Garfunkel and Oates! Two women who do some amazingly funny songs, and have their own show It was canceled? I just learned of their show, watched an episode of it on Netflix, and it was canceled earlier this month? DANG!

236Dress Up Cosplay! You could start working on that amazing cosplay that you’ve been dreaming on for forever! Anime Matsuri is right around the corner, after all! Or hey… make those selfies super amazing! Whatever you do, do not go out to McDonnalds and end up on Reddit! I mean it. I had a close call yesterday, thankfully I had a woman next to me in order to hide my shame!

You can argue! Have a short period of time, and an article from Kotaku about swatting that both people agree is bad, but for different reasons? That’s a great way to kill some time, as you argue if escalating the situation makes it worse then the severity a typical swatting actually is.

Experiment with your orientation?

Seriously, Garfunkel and Oates is AMAZING. I can’t believe I hadn’t obsessed over them before this.

Seriously… I’m done, and Garfunkel and Oates have just… won. Go watch some like… ALL DAY!


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