Original Art by Susan Brack

I recently purchased a cheap dry erase board, and on it wrote: “Please post blog topics.” Sure enough, one of my roommate’s took the bate, and now I have to do a post about “Mermicorns,” the only mythical beast that is suitable for aquatic travel by The Great Leader, Kim Jung Un! Okay, that fan art doesn’t exist, but here’s hoping that it will one day!

Sadly, for us Mermicorn lovers, this piece, is no longer for sale.

UnicornMermaid1Also while researching, I came across a picture from Booksie that featured both a Unicorn and a Mermaid, as they reenact Michelangelo’s Creation of Man painting. Quite breathtaking!

Mermaid Unicorn cosplay

I was not sure if I had met my obligation to my friend with these two pictures. The first Mermicorn was too horse for traditional Mermaid fans, and the second one wasn’t a Mermicorn at all. Thankfully, there is this cosplay picture from Pinterest that helps fulfill the traditional appeal of mermaids, while still satisfying the unicorn aspect!

What’s really surprising is that I couldn’t find anything official from My Little Pony, considering that seaponies were a thing in previous generations. There were no toys of hypothetical unicorn seaponies?  CRAZY!

Art by: Sogeky

Thankfully, there are many fanartists out there who have re-imagined what the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as mermaids! The image to the right features Twilight Sparkle with a little bit more than just a tail, but thankfully keeps it PG-13 with some clever hair placement. The other image below, shows a more traditional ‘Mermicorn’ MLP toy that was a custom make by: Deviant Artist Katgyrly!



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