NetSenshi Productions turns 14!

In 2001, I started a sprite based comic called “Net Senshi” for a message board, as well as my own personal website, Sailormoon 19. It was terrible, but so was the terrible angelfire web page with whatever number I was assigned. Today, 14 years later, the internet is a much different place, with infinite possibilities!Netsenshi_sprite_comic1_by_NetSenshi

hooded_netsenshi_sweatshirtI’ve never had a clear understanding of what I’ve wanted to do under the name “Net Senshi,” Heck, I have never even figured out if it should be Netsenshi,Net Senshi, or Net-Senshi, but I just feel like there is something about that name.

I feel like I came up with the comic because April 1st, April Fool’s day, can really suck. I wanted something that could be funny sure, but something that could be loved, ya know? A comic made the most sense then, just as a blog makes the most sense right now.

What was really fun, was when it was the name of a group of people, who all had the same goal of entertaining people who went to anime conventions with events such as The Pose Off.

I still do the Pose Off every year at Louisianime, but it’s just not the same. I hope one day, I can do something truly great with the name…


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