5 year anniversary

P1090298Huh. So today is the blog’s 5 year anniversary. I had no idea, or else I would have prepared something. Instead, look at this old cosplay photo from Louisianime 2011 that I have no excuse to post other than the fact that it was once relevant on my blog!

“Time is a son of a bitch”
– Oscar Martinez, The Office

I originally started this blog in 2010, not really knowing in what direction the site would go. It’s a blog, but is it for my photography? Reviews? I had no idea then, but I ended up CERTAINLY name dropping a lot.

sketch12_by_NetSenshiHas Netsenshi.com changed at all? The site still seems to lack focus, but perhaps that reflects my own ADHD’ed self and my own lack of focus? I don’t know.

Wow. I think I just unintentionally depressed myself. Awesome! Here is some random art I posted a really long time ago!


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