Anime Matsuri 2015

P1140155Anime Matsuri was pretty enjoyable, but I’m on the fence if I want to go again. I helped out at the Louisianime artist alley table this year, and while that was enjoyable enough, the convention has just grown too large for my personal taste. Then again, I had similar feelings when I worked in the same dealer’s room space at Comicpalooza.

DSC00431This is a really weird complaint to have, and the only fix is to go down the path of self destruction for the convention, so I think I will just have to look at other conventions to volunteer to go to.

Despite the lack of cheap food in both the surrounding area (food trucks aren’t cheap), and inside the George R. Brown, I did enjoy myself well enough. The sad thing is that this seems like a photographer’s convenention, as they had a giant exhibition room set up just for photographers and cosplayers to take some excellent pictures, so I dislike disliking it. Also, right outside  of The George R. Brown Convention Center is Discovery Green, a beautiful park that allowed for some amazing photoshoots.

P1140144Perhaps with the appropriate networking beforehand, and not working an artist alley booth, I can grow to enjoy large conventions in The George R. Brown, but honestly, I didn’t like the smaller first year Anime Matsuri at this venue too much, nor Oni-Con when they used it.

Maybe I just like going to hotels more? Anime Matsuri 2016 is going to be even larger, and use up the entire George R. Brown, which they are currently doing construction on as they expand it. Awesome.

Below are a few pictures that I snapped at Anime Matsuri, and more can be found at my flickr page here:



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