MLP Fanart scandal?!

Original characters: Dashing Husband, Karen, and Doodles
My OC’s: Dashing Husband, Karne, and Doodles

It’s tough to draw characters from My Little Pony, whether it’s in any of the official Hasbro styles used for TV and DVDs, or even in an original style. I personally have drawn my own original MLP characters in 3 different styles, finally getting somewhat close to the show’s look, and it really wasn’t as easy as you might think. Thankfully I had a tutorial I had recorded of the very talented Amelie Belcher going on in one screen, a tutorial in another, and a reference sheet… it’s not easy, okay?

When I read that literally THE MOST FAMOUS fan artist of the series, drawponies was caught by his fans literally tracing an image from a screenshot, I was shocked! SHOCKED!

DP chicken

Okay… maybe not quite that shocked. I mean, his art is on Deviantart, a whole lot of the comics look identical to the art style, etc… but hey! I just figured he had made vectors of the ponies at least that he kept changing and moving slightly, or you know… drawn something quite similar on top of a basic model… I mean, My Little Pony art isn’t exactly Disney for Celestia’s sake!

800px-Pinkie_Pie_acts_like_a_chicken_S2E04Huh… I dunno. Maybe he doesn’t trace. For a more in-depth article exposing everything exquisitely delicious detail, check out this great article on the subject from website horse-news:


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