Emo Sunday?

Emo Sunday?
*really old picture

So, I find myself trying to strengthen connections that I feel have been slipping away little by little in the last 8 or more years. It’s crazy that we can meet someone, and in the heat of the moment, think that they will be in our lives for forever, and then a few years down the road? Poof! And it’s not their fault. Kids happen, people have to move away, you transfer/change jobs etc. It’s a part of life, and it sucks.

Like I said, I try every so often, and the thing that makes me the saddest, is when I start to realize that I’m the only one trying to reconnect. I then have to ask myself why that is, and the answer I come up with, other than the fact that people are just really busy,  is this: “They are happy, and I’m not. They have other important people in their life, and I do not.” It’s kind of a really, sort of paranoid thing to realize, isn’t it?

Oh well. I guess that’s why some people just become Facebook friends, right?


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