Another night with women telling me not to dive any deeper into the MLP fandom

Demon_Sunset_Shimmer_enraged_EGIt was bound to happen again. I was sitting at a bar, having a drink with a few female friends, cosplayers this time. The conversation eventually changed from Marvel movies to the fact that I was going to a brony, or My Little Pony, convention in June. The two of them went into an entire schpeel about how no, I really shouldn’t get too much into the fandom. I explained that I, a man, have been stocked and herassed in the anime convention community, and there are just… creepy, socially awkward guys in every single community. Then they went into personal stories of people following them, hanging out with bronies who only obsess of the show, etc. *sigh*

fiesta_equestria_contest_by_astrorobyn-d60uvapIt seems my options are: I hang out with people similar to my friends who like the show, but want to have nothing to do with the fandom, or I hang out with the fandom, and realize that cool female fans want nothing to do with them. Wow, some decision, right?

I really hope that Fiesta Equestria changes my mind about this whole thing in June.


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