Dead Mermaid Rising?

Dead Mermaid Rising?

5-10-2015_23 Dead Rising 2 as well as Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (Basically the same game) have a mermaid in it! What’s this? A mermaid in my comedic zombie horror title? What, what, what?! Unfortunately, 21 year old Tammy Blaine, is not actually a mermaid, but a… mer-suiter? Wait no… a Mermaid performer. That sounds classier.

5-10-2015_30Chuck, or Frank, finds this entertainer in the ‘Stranded Siren’ case file at the Atlantica casino. She explains that she can’t take the fish tail off due to the fact that she is going ‘commando’ See what I said earlier? CLASSY

This pawn shop has everything! Even Mermaids!

Since it was Mer-Monday, and despite the fact that Tammy has such a small role in the game, I felt like sharing this due to the fact that I’ve been playing the Dead Rising series a bit more lately. Great series btw!


Anyways, it must really suck to be a mermaid performer in a zombie outbreak, huh? Even after rescue she was stuck wearing her tail.


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