Jade – Positive Female Characters in Video Games

Jade – Positive Female Characters in Video Games

Anita Sarkeesian has released a new video on her youtube channel: feministfrequency on Jade from Beyond Good and Evil. The video is pretty good, but people are accusing her of hypocrisy over a character trying to expose a cover up, and Anita being part of… some… anti-GamerGate… cover up?

femfreqJadehypI guess I just don’t get Gamer Gate. Anita’s not really part of the media, she’s making educational videos about old video games, and while you can say that coming from the field of education that she’s coming from a place of bias would be fair… but what cover up?

she doesn’t get free video games like video game news outlets/youtubers, hell… she get’s no new income off of the actual videos these days. So… what cover up?

Jade-Beyond_Good_&_EvilAlso? Jade is GamerGate? Please! Frank West is GamerGate. Jade is Spider-Man, taking photos of her adventure that someone else will use for whatever purpose they have.

Getting back to the main topic, what’s actually in the video, a phrase that I have problems with is ‘women of color.,’ especially in relation to Jade. but apparently asking Google what race Jade is is… ambiguous. Black? Asian? Hispanic? Arabian? Does ambiguous race/ethnicity automatically make someone a person of color? I guess?

PR Manager Tyrone Miller has said that Jade has no established ethnicity, as the game is set on an alien world. Miller did once state, however, that if there was ever a film version of Beyond Good and Evil, he would want Shannyn Sossamon playing her, who is of Hawaiian, French, Dutch, Irish, Filipino, and German descent.

So Jade might be white-ish like me? I’m English, Irish, and hispanic. We can agree though that making her ambiguously tan though makes her much more approachable as a character, than if she was pale white, or some weird color like Blue… no offense to the Na’vi (Avatar) or Nocturne (Nightcrawler’s AU daughter)

Argh! All of this tangenting is exactly why Anita’s choice for this video is a million times better than her previous choice, The Scythian, from Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery. When you have a well defined character, there is always something to talk about, especially when you have ADHD like myself. Long story short, latest FemFreq is great, you should watch it and later play Beyond Good and Evil. Nuff said.


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