Dead Rising is a harsh mistress

Dead Rising is a harsh mistress


I was attempting to re-get the weapon, The Real Megabuster , by killing 53,594 zombies in 72 hour mode and getting an ending in the game. Well, the only way to do that, as EVERYONE knows, is by vehicular manslaughter in the maintenance tunnels…

I must have hit  a curb and a propane tank zombie or something, because this happened. No big deal. I have tons of healthy mixed drinks, and some queens to kill masses of zombies. I got almost all of the way to the entrance =, and BOOM! the lights flickr, and my 360 turns off loosing almost 2 hours of progress.

Why didn’t I save? No Save Point in The Maintenance tunnels, and I have literally not been able to get the weapon before by around a few thousand or so zombies due to having to run way across the map, to an area without a current case file like ‘Back up for Brad,’ just to use a save point.

If and when Dead Rising get’s a ‘Definitive, more HD’ version, I hope they add a save room in the maintenance tunnels, as well as adding more zombies down there. Seriously, the weapon is easy to get if you have the time to do it, and the power doesn’t go out. *sigh*

Here’s a video someone made of The Real Megabuster in action. What sucks is I’ve already beaten the game in order to get ∞ mode, and now I need the weapon to prevent Psychopaths from taking my health down too much so I can conserve food! *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Dead Rising is a harsh mistress

    1. The sad thing is that it’s the next to best weapon in the game. There’s a laser sword, but to get it I now have to make it to day 5 in ∞ mode, and at that point…

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