Features that I would like to see added into a Dead Rising definitive version.

Features that I would like to see added into a Dead Rising definitive version.

S_frank00_bm_nomip_s_frank00_bm_nomipoutI’m really sorry how obsessed I may seem with the original Dead Rising. It’s just that I’ve been playing it a lot lately, to the point where I’ve been day dreaming about re-buying it on PC with a definitive version.

1.) Camera and Watch added back into infinity mode
2.) Quick Saves added to Infinity Mode, allowing
3.) Most Psychopaths and Survivors from all games into Infinity Mode, including a military and a few psychopaths/looters, in order to make the mode longer, not neccisarily easier.
4.) Save point added outside of The Maintenance Tunnels. Portapotty maybe?
5.) More costumes/easter eggs, especially in advertisements.
6.) The ability to sleep w/ an alarm clock in Safe House, in order to advance time in story mode.
7.) Additional areas, such as the Parking Lot that Frank’s camera bag fell into.
Frank West8.) Changeable text size, because even though we all have HD TV’s now, why not make it possible to increase the size?
9.) Dead Rising 2’s Sandbox Mode.
10.) Secondary/alternate female protagonist. Frank West is awesome, but given that Isabella and Jessie are not his female love interests, why not make it to where Frank can be swapped out in a secondary playthrough as Francine West? Or, make it to where Isabella has her own story mode/prequel, or you play as another survivor ala Ada in Resident Evil 4
11.) Multiple save files. The Dead Rising 2 games introduced 3 save files in the Dead Rising series, so why not include them retroactively?
12.) Multiplayer mode? Everyone seems to have wanted it?

Anyways, that’s that. Expect a few more DR posts soon, but I’ll try to wedge some awesome stuff in-between.


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