The Pose Off Starter Kit

The Narutard on the left beat the stripper on the right due to technicalities.

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while, and finally took the opportunity to do so. I have friends doing my old event, The Pose Off, at Mecha Con, and so I wanted to dump some old information about it, as well as dump some videos that until earlier today, have been only seen by me, but I will get more on that later. Here is some directly lifted information about said event:

About: The Pose Off is an event created by Danzig (with help from friends) at Ushi-Con 4. It was later made an official event at A-Kon 16. This event is generally held on Sundays around noon or one, and tends to be filled with great excitement. The main purpose of The Pose Off is for volunteers to make fools of themselves for fun for little to no reward in order to pass time with friends new and old. The Pose Off is NOT cosplayer only. In fact, cosplayers might even be judged HARDER than a normal contestant, due to the fact that they have been posing for three days straight already.

The Poses: The rules are simple. There are three different types of posing matches; Singles, Teams, and Themes. Each match is 3 rounds long (more if the judges can’t make up their mind) where a moderator (pre-selected or a veteran poser) will do a different pose for the first two rounds. The posers then attempt to perfectly mimic the moderator, and whoever suceeds in the emulation, wins the round. The first two rounds REALLY don’t matter, due to the fact that most times we will make it a tied match and the third round will then decide true poser status. The Third round is a special round where the posers will then have to do an original pose. This is the ONLY round where the posers can use props. Best pose wins. As for Theme matches, they can be a single or team match where a catagory is selected for the posers, as opposed to a moderator providing a pose for them. This is generally used for stalling time so the moderators can think up poses.

The Rules:
No violent poses unless practiced
No overly sexual themed poses
No nudity / stripping
No destruction of Hotel/tables and chairs/other peoples property
No arguing with the judges UNLESS judging error occurs

No hurting the judges

As with any event someone else is putting on, “your mileage may vary.” Just to sort of get an idea, here is a clip taken by Marzgurl, edited by me, from A-Kon 16 from a long time ago.

Now, I did mention unseen video footage, right? Well here are two video files I made a long time ago. If you want to use them, that’s fine. If you want to cut them up, and put them on a projector, whatever man. Just take video and spread the awesomeness.

The first video has a claim against it, so in some countries can’t be seen. Sorry about that. Also, for some reason it wont embed? Weird. Anyways, the much longer, and I believe better, video can be seen here: and the other video is below.

With this information, I encourage anyone to try and put on a Pose Off at a convention.


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