Past Pose Offs

Past Pose Offs

Netsenshi Productions used to be a group that was best known for putting on events called “Pose Offs.” Below I am sharing some youtube videos of some past ones, as the best way to know what one is/was, is to see one.

ChibiSubaru – Oni-con 3 Pose Off Vol:1

MarzGurl – Follow Me to O-ChibiCon!: O-ChibiCon 2005 (Part 4)

Pegasus Boot – Louisianime 2010 – Pose Off

Pegasus Boot – Louisianime 2014 – The Pose Off

In ‘the old days,’ the event was popularized by videos the then convention videographer Marzgurl used to pose in her convention compilations. Those are still some of the best ways to see some of the old pose offs. I shared one above, and I might go into some of her old youtube videos, find the ones with pose offs, and share the links. For now, however, I have some old photos taken by Lilly Lighting during A-Kon 16 that can be found below:

6bc5 9d2f 56f2 86cc 2004_0616Image0048 2004_0616Image0045 2004_0616Image0036 2004_0616Image0026 2004_0616Image0015 2004_0616Image0049 2004_0616Image0051 2004_0616Image0052 2004_0616Image0054 c5c6 e0bf bd32 fingers narutard


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