The Powerless Puff Girls

The Powerless Puff Girls

craigmccracken ppg castingEveryone seems to be taking the news that most of the original cast for The Powerpuff Girls was not asked to reprise their roles pretty hard. It sucks, as a lot of the charm from the original series came from them, but considering that Craig McCraken isn’t the one behind this reboot, it’s not unexpected.

I would like to remind people, that despite the 2014 special, this will be the third Powerpuff Girls reboot, as there was the anime Powerpuff Girls Z, and in it the three female leads were different in the English dub that… well, a lot of areas didn’t seem to get for some reason.

Powerpuff Girls Z (2006 – 2007)

Does Cartoon Network have to ask for permission every time they want to reboot one of their properties, just to save face? Adam West was Batman, but he wasn’t asked to be in Tim Burton’s Batman, nor did Terry Maguire sign off on Alexander Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man, or the old cast of Sailor Moon for the new cast? This is sadly how things are done. Was the director supposed to invite the ladies over for drinks and explain that they had a new vision for Powerpuff Girls, and wanted these younger, possibly cheaper, actresses instead? I think there is a terrible line that would have been awful to say in such a circumstance; “Nothing personal, it’s just business.”


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