The Pantheon of Estrogen

The Pantheon of Estrogen

IMG_0772In my room, I have a corner shelf that has action figures on it for the most part. When I first added my What if?! comic that had the first appearance of my favorite super heroine, Spider-Girl, I used the gender bent characters Super Woman and Batwoman there to help prop it up. Since then, I’ve added Sailor Moon crying out in terror, Rainbow Dash, Ariel, Ranma Saotome, Helvetica (hipster Ariel), Hazumu (Kashi Mashi), Princess Shirahoshi (One Piece), and finally Spider-Girl, right up front. Now, I own other female characters, including the entire crystal pony set from MLP, Sailor’s Jupitor, Mars, and Mercury, etc. Maybe I can find some more of these corner shelves? My roommate installed it before I moved in and until I either complete my Sailor Senshi collection, or find more shelves, the pantheon of estrogen shall continue to be displayed proudly! I might end up swapping the comic out from the background though and find a way to mount it on the wall, after all… now that I own a Spider-Girl toy, it is a little redundant up there.


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