My name is what?

My name is what?

IMG_0771I recently did a video that had a review of the Marvel Legends Spider-Girl toy. It was a really nice toy, and it came with the pieces of the Hobgoblin, as shown to the left. The packaging was weird on this toy. Spider-Girl’s name was no where to be seen on the front, so the only way to check for who it was a toy of, was to check the back. The back had a close up of Spider-Woman from the Ultimate universe, as well as Spider-Girl. Their names were really small underneath each character, and they shared the same description, which I found appalling. Oh well, neither character is that well known, right? So no big deal!

Days later, I was in Wal*Mart and checked out the toy aisle and found some more Marvel Legends figures, but this time in the Thanos series. Seen Left to right, two nameless heroines, Batroc, and Hulk.
IMG_0776First off, who the hell is Batroc? The women are, of course Hellcat and Spider-Woman. Where are their names? I know that these women are ‘fierce fighters’ and everything, but how are people supposed to know who they are? If some kid wants to own all of the pieces, and explains that he still needs one of these ladies, parents might be confused, right? Oh well though… these warriors have yet to appear in movies, so maybe that’s why.

IMG_0777Maidens of Might? By Odin’s beard! No… literally, Ms. Marvel comes with Odin’s beard! Why does Iron Man’s Mark 43 armor get specified, but Ms. Marvel / Captain Marvel doesn’t? She’s getting a new movie, so shouldn’t Marvel want her name out there as much as possible? Wait a second though… Maidens of Might? So who’s…

IMG_0780Scarlet Witch is in the latest movie even! Why would she ever have to share a description with Ms. Marvel?! She was responsible for House of M for Christ’s sake! These two women aren’t even listed on the small pictures of them at the bottom, they are just known as “Maidens of Might,” making people who aren’t in the know have to rely on the back of the actual toy that they are on. THE BACK!

This trend seems to largely be on the front of the Marvel Legends Build a Figure Line. Marvel Infinity Series, which is a smaller scale toy series, has Marvel’s Wasp’s name on it, same with Marvel’s Yellow Jacket… so unless you are as important as Captain America or Whirlwind…IMG_0781

WHIRLWIND GETS TO HAVE HIS NAME ON HIS TOY?! Who the heck is Whirlwind?! That crappy supervillain from Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

Seriously Marvel? Are you afraid that your female character’s toys will sell? That’s it! I’m done! So Done! #fuckwhirlwind I’m done!


One thought on “My name is what?

  1. I’d just like to comment and say that “Batroc” has actually appeared in a Marvel movie. He appeared in Cap’2 Winter Soldier, and he was the dude Cap’ fought at the beginning on the ship, the jumping guy 😀

    That is all I wanted to say 🙂

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