Equestria Daily mod launches Steven Universe sister site

rose fan artWe loyal Steven Universe fans told them not to do it, and yet they did! Despite only months ago having a cartoon civil war, Equestria Daily moderator Calpain has launched the sister site http://www.beachcitybugle.com/ Alas, thy brony filth shall only spread to the far corners of the Steven Universe…

Wait… why are you kids and ponies looking at me like that?! All right, maybe the ‘BRONY 4 LIFE’ tattoo I got on my chest is still there… but come on!  How was I supposed to know that they would put ponies in socks like heathens?

Still not buying that I’ve changed my ways? All right. I guess that makes sense, considering I’m not going to a Steven Universe convention in a week… but that’s a post for perhaps another time.


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