What is there to do on a Sunday? Places close early, some of us have to *gasp* work, but let’s say you have some free time today, on this most worthless of days

Classic video games?

That’s a lot of awesome right there. Final Fantasy VII for NES? CRAZY!

picture017Cosplay? I ended up trying to make this shirt from Steven Universe for an upcoming MLP convention.  For the star, I used fabric paint and a stencil on a shirt I bought for maybe $4 from Michael’s. Sadly, the paper from the poster board came off on the  shirt/paint, and I have to wait 72 hours to wash the shirt so the paint doesn’t come off. Doh! Oh well. I’ve since made a better star shape, as the left side came out a little wonky. What’s sad though, is the more that I stare at it, the more I feel like it’s the start of me crossplaying as Duplica from Pokemon!


Steven Universe – most of the first season is on Hulu, and I just bought every episode off of Vudu for $20 a ‘season.’ Now I no longer have to watch the show on youtube sped up, zoomed in, cropped, or with a huge border! AWESOME!

Learn to Crochet! You can find an idiot’s guide online, and end up possibly making something amazingly dorky over the next six years!

Music – Grab some music covers on youtube, find a website that converts it to mp3, and get ready for an awesome road trip… to the other side of town. Huh. Still worth it!

Trailers – You can check out trailers moment by moment, and try your best to figure out what is going on. For example:


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