Bro hoof Sunday!!!

Bro hoof Sunday!!!

I just got back from Fiesta Equestria, and boy are my hooves tired. Hah! See… cause I’m like… an earth pony? No? Okay. Anyways, today is Sunday, and for many people, it is a boring day of trying to sober up from Saturday’s sins, and that’s about it. Monday is fast approaching, and thankfully all of the amazing places have closed, so you have to choose between TGI Fridays, and IHOP for some pre-monday sustenance. Below are some suggestions for how to make Sundays fly by a little bit faster, as well as how I’m coping with going back to work Monday morning.

Make a fun little video! my roommate Scott was interested in what I bought at Fiesta Equestria, and we made this video:

Write: While I’m still writing the run down for the 3 day conventions, I’m reminded of Eduardo Soliz.’s panel on how to self publish online. On his handout he mentioned,, and In case you need a bare bones editor, a friend of mine suggests running it through this program you can buy called Hemmingway app.

IMG_0825Upload and Edit Pictures! What? This one is just a suggestion for me? Okay, well how about you take a look at some tutorials for photo editing? Perhapse:, or

And… sorry, I’m blanking on anything else. There’s only 2 hours left of Sunday in my time zone, in my defense! Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed the week/weekend!


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