Fiesta Equestria 2015!

Fiesta Equestria 2015!

Below is a day by doing synopsis of the weekend. In case you do not like to read, there will be a video at the bottom, as well as some photos and a link to my flickr with more photos! enjoy?

P1140282Friday: I walked into a Brony convention dressed as Steven Universe, and Gay Marriage immediately became legal in all 50 states! That was the best part of the convention.

We we went to the Twilicorn panel, that had no projector, and the dude seemed a little too socially awkward, but mad props for trying. Went to the Petirep’s panel, and it turned into a general Q&A, which you know… wasn’t his fault. We also went to the Furry 101 panel with Eduardo Soliz, which was probably the best organized and prepaired of all of the panels. The last panel that I attended, how to be a brony youtuber, hosted by: AC Racebest, Saberspark, Blitz117, and brand new panelist GameNut321. We probably should have skipped as there was nothing hooked up at first to the projector, and when the GameNut321 brought his back up, he took over the entire panel and no one could get a word in edge wise. It was… all right? Not that in depth, and honestly didn’t help that much. The powerpoint was used so little that it became almost useless. I ended up buying one piece of art from Ashley Nichols, and that was prety cool. It’s a picture of Sunset Shimmer and Sonata from the second movie. I had to specify that I wanted the less naughty version. Also, my Steven Universe cosplay got recognized a bit, and people were excited to see it.

After going home, I watched Whose line is it any pony via Ponyville Live’s stream.

P1140278Saturday: I started my day with watching the new episode of My Little Pony with my fellow attendees as it aired on Discovery Family through… dubious methods? That had to be one of the biggest highlights of my weekend! Someone did come up to me during the awkward part of them setting it up though, saying that he hated Steven Universe. Yeah. Okay.

Then, we watched Whose Line is it any pony, which was hosted by Kris Vanderwege’s group. I’ve met Kris a number of times, he does a lot of events/panels for conventions in the south, including cosplay chess. We ducked out a little early in order to catch How to Publish Your Writing as an E-Book with Eduardo Soliz who has a website: It’s weird that the guy who wore a Press Badge kept having the best organized, and possibly better run panels this convention.

We tried to catch the cosplay contest, but we ended up stumbling in during skits.

After my friends left for the day, I attended AC and Saber’s Like, Comment, Subscribe panel, which I think was just a Q&A? It talked a bit about their channels, and it was all right. I mainly attended to be in their Hasbro vs. Hasbro video, and that was pretty cool.

P1140336And then shortly after all of that, there was dancing. I went to the ‘Ponytechtronica’ concert, which I only attended the first part of. Before it started, the guy behind the Ponyville Live table, the group who had been live streaming panels this convention, played some music and we danced and all that jazz as we waited for the delayed concert. ‘The Wonderbolts!’ were awesome. There was a lot of love, and togetherness like I had never experienced during this concert, and it made me love Fiesta Equestria even more.

Sunday: Sunday was pretty basic. Walked around looking at stuff one last time, attended Amelie Belcher’s amazingly informative panel on old school My Little Pony toys. I learned things that I never wanted to learn, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Pony toy collectors are WAY more hardcore than transformers collectors.

We attended Maryke Hendrikse and Trevor Duvall’s panel, and that was pretty funny. She plays Sonata and Gilda, and he plays Hoity Toity, Fancy Pants and Iron Will.

Eventually, we watched closing ceremonies, and called it a day.

For more photos from the covnention, go here:


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