Orange is the new Venkman

Orange is the new Venkman

GhostbustersCostumeECTOI like the new Ecto 1, and the new proton packs are all right. I’m curious how the neutrino wands will look. I’m okay with the lack of names on their chest. What I am not okay with, are the orange accents on their torso.

Why are they there? Is it so fans take caution against looking at their chests? That can’t be it, as the jumpsuits aren’t sexualized at all. The accent is also on their… shoe lace armor? They have something that goes on top of their laces that looks armored. If they are worried for their safety, why did they loose the e lbow and knee pads? Also, where is the weird yellow tube that was totally not a catheter that was attached to their hip?


You know who had a pretty decent Ghostbusters uniform? Janine in The Real Ghostbusters. Yeah, I know. It’s just Venkman’s uniform, but I think it works.

ghostbusteredAs someone who has worn my own version of a Ghostbusters uniform, I feel like I have the authority to judge the costumes to some degree. Damn it. Now I just want to make another Ghostbusters outfit again.


I suppose things could be worse, especially considering the color orange. Kylie Griffin’s [Tara Strong] outfit in Extreme Ghostbusters had like… orange football shoulder pads? What the hell were they thinking with that one? Maybe they thought that the girl was going to get knocked around too much, so she needed to be able to protect herself? Eh, probably not.

Here’s hoping that the orange reflective accents look better in motion!


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