The last Sunday of Comic con, or the first Sunday of Youtubing it up?

Hey Everyone, it’s that time of the week again. SUNDAY, why must you suck so much? Christ didn’t give his life up on a Sunday in order for us not to have Chick-Fil-A today! I mean… if God did have to rest on this day, it would have been due to the itis after wolfing down some chicken and finishing it off with a large milk shake! BAH!

So how can we combat these dark times?

Youtube? Grabe a buddy, maybe a slice of pizza, and make a youtube video! Did you know that people will watch you watch things, just so they can get your excellent opinion on what went right and what went wrong in your favorite children’s show?

Or heck! San Diego Comic con was a thing! Maybe there was something amazing there that spoils the rest of a season for you! Or, maybe an AMAZING animatic that has a song, once again make sure to check for … eh hem **SPOILERS**

Once again, people will watch you watching these spoilerific things from Comic Con! Still sort of crazy, right? Just make sure to put a redundant Spoilers tag, and doubly make sure not to put a frigging spoiler as your thumbnail… I mean, that should be common sense, right?

So youtube wasn’t your solution? Really? umm… Wikipedia then? For example, did you know that Progersterone is an important hormone in women that causes, amongst several things, lactation? Then you discover that some trans women are given the hormone in hormone replacement therapy and that due to this, sometimes they can lactate. You then discover that transgender is just an umbrella term. One umbrella term is Daltonism (various color-blindness problems). After discovering about how some people compensate for their colorblindness, such as in the case of a famous traffic light on Tipperary Hill that has it’s red and green switched. Why? Because Irish youths didn’t like the ‘British Red’ being over the ‘Irish Green’ and broke the light with rocks. By The Way, ‘British‘ refers to the United Kingdom.

SEE?! Wikipedia can steal hours from your life! If you are worried about not eatting during your quest for knowledge, don’t worry, Steak ‘n Shake delivers!


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