Bring Penny Arcade’s Automata to Life

I want that Pinny Arcade pin, but sadly, I don’t want it for $150. Automata was an amazing short comic pitch by the people of Penny Arcade, that sadly most of the fans didn’t want to watch, instead selecting the series The Eyrewood, which is sort of a boy scout comic set in a fantasy world.

This Kickstarter for a 5 episode live action Automata series looks interesting, and if you are a fan of Film Noir, Prohibition, robots, please support this Kickstarter for a combination of all 3 of those things!

wil wheaton

I wonder if they are going to get their buddy Wil Wheaton to be in this? Or is it more, I wonder if Wil Wheaton can convince his buddies at Penny Arcade? He is a huge fan of Automata, even wearing the shirt on the right on an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Wil Wheaton’s involvement is pure speculation at this moment, but I will of course post more once there is a Wesley Crusher reward tier!


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