carlI don’t feel comfortable around police officers, and that’s for many reasons, but the main reason is because at any time, they can completely ruin your day, if not your life.

A routine traffic stop with one ended up in assault and misuse of force, just because Sandra Bland questioned one’s authority by actually knowing her rights in the situation. She ended up dead in her cell. Murder or suicide has no baring on this post and my feelings, nor am I saying anything about race.

What about civil forfeiture? The police can legally steal your money or even your car due to any old suspicion they have. Moving from state to state with a lot of cash? Clearly that money is to buy drugs! And this is all without you even being charged with anything!

barneyI know police have a hard job, and have to see and deal with a lot of difficult things in their life trying to protect and serve society. I don’t hate police, just uncomfortable, and I think most people are. Maybe I’m just paranoid then, because ever time I see one on the road, I feel queasy and have a lump in my throat, despite the fact that I’m going the speed limit, have insurance, inspection, and registration all taken care of.

Be safe everyone.


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