Playing the opposite gender in games?

This episode of Game/Show came out in 2013, but is still really important. GameSpot recently did a set of videos about why people make the choices they do when they create a character in a video games. The main focus for gender change week will be on the second part. The first part can be found here: that The second part will be below:

EvelynShepAs previously mentioned, I tend to pick a female in a lot of these games, the big one being Mass Effect. To the right was my character, Evelyn Shepard . I know, she looks very similar to the default ‘Fem Shep,’  but I wanted to add a bit of Willow from Buffy in there, and eh… I loved playing as Shepard. When I tried to go back, I tried to do things as a dude, and set out to be a jerk… and honestly? I couldn’t do it, as it just wasn’t fun, and the character wasn’t relatable.


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