Sunday is great for tutorials

Let’s face it, you weren’t going to do anything else useful, so why not get a jump start on your cosplay for that next convention, or Halloween? Below are some maybe helpful tutorials?

Mascot Heads!

Paludik – Head tutorial part 1

In case you need a different tutorial for making a mascot style head:

This one uses Paper Mache!

This one is supposedly cheap to make for beginners!

Furry Bad? Well, here’s someone who made a head/cosplay for Gabe, from Penny Arcade:


SH4773R – WiP Wednesdays – How to make lightweight LARP and cosplay wings

The 8-bit Cafe – ~ Foam Cosplay Wings ~ Pit (Kid Icarus) tutorial

ExtremeCostumes – How To Make Real Life Epic Angel Wings

oh… and here are some fairy wings, cause… you know… fairies.

Jenn N – DIY Fairy Wings | Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea

theproplady – Resin Gemmaking Tutorial – Part 1

KamuiCosplay – How to give your Gems some Glow

Axceleration Cosplay – How to Resin Cast (With Sailor Moon Jewels)

SaphirazlilJewels – How To Color Resin/ DIY Fake Gems

I learned all about this gem stuff because I want to cosplay as Steven Universe with his gem, and all I needed was this tutorial?!


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