She Thor vs. Zombie Hulk

This animation by Miltonius Arts is… interesting? My largest qualm is… that’s not the right uh… She-Thor costume. Let’s take a look at some other female Thor costumes, starting with the current incarnation of the 616 God of Thunder A.K.A. Jane Foster A.K.A THOR

Thor She 01Did you know that almost half of the actual Norse warriors were women? I’m not talking mythology, but our universe. I just felt like throwing some knowledge everyones way, with an article from 2014:

Thor What If Jane FosterJane Foster Thor certainly has changed since the first time she was shown, in this old issue of What If! She has a lot more armor, for starters, and she ditched the terrible name ‘Thordis’.

But what of the Odin-Son herself? This is the costume, and body, Thor had in The Earth X mini-series. Loki convinced All Father to change Thor into a woman in order to teach him humility. Wow. And still no bikini? No thong? No booty shorts? Wow!

Thor Earth X

There we go! DC comics, thank Goddess you know how to treat a lady who gains the mainly powers of A$$ Guard! Metal underwear is so practical for someone who can throw lightning, Wonder Woman! Since she is holding 616 Thor’s hammer Mijolnir, Diana was in fact Thor for a couple of seconds in Marvel Vs. D.C.

Thor Wonderwoman

But what about the Thor-like characters? Here’s a quick look at some of them:

Thor Girl
thorgirl1 tarene


Thor like StormThor What_If_Vol_2_12Rogue
Rogue Thor

But hey, there have been some interesting interpretations of Thor over the years in different mediums, including crossplay! Here’s a random one!

Kc Rikku Cosplay
Thor Kc-Rikku-Cosplay
Going with more of a 2 piece motif, this crossplay seems closer to the animation, but still… she is wearing more clothing. The straps help, especially considering that the animation actually shows less leg than the crossplay.


I’m posting Kittyhawk’s character from Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, just because I can. She has a thong, high heels, huge chest, but for some reason… hmm… not as sexist because this ones more attractive? Yuuki isn’t Thor though, but like I said… because I can.


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