Tutorial Tuesday?

I’m thinking that I am going to make Tuesdays the day that I post some tutorials. While some people will think that they are only for learning how to draw or how to work on something complicated like a car, tutorials can be used to perfect everyday activities! For example, I show myself learning an everyday task, tying a tie, while watching a youtube video.

Now that was stupid, right? Well, my parents divorced when I was 12, so tying a tie was a skill that I never picked up. In fact, due to when my parents split up, as well as never being able to grow anything resembling a beard until late into High School, I never really learned how to shave. I thought it was pretty simple stuff, i.e. shave with the grain, use shaving cream, etc… turns out I didn’t fully understand everything. Like, I use way too much shaving cream. Here’s a pretty decent tutorial though, that will help every man child become one step closer to just being a man:

How to Tie your shoes

How to Fix Circular Scratched Xbox 360 Discs, CDs, DVDs & Blu-rays using Lip Balm\Chapstick

Whatever you do, PLEASE be cautious, and make sure that you do things safely. Maybe watch the entire tutorial first? Why? Because stuff like this happens!

Anyways, look forward to more tutorials on Tuesdays, or you know… whenever I find a cool one!


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