Spider-Clone cosplay?

AprilparkerWhile everyone knows who the heck Ben Reilly, not many would know who April Parker is, or well… to be fair, May Parker, Spider-Man’s daughter.

When I typically see a differently colored Spider-Man costume, I turn my nose up at it. “Green Spider-Man? Pa shaw!” But I noticed that Heroes time has a blue Spider-Girl costume. It took me a couple seconds to realize that it’s not some variant but April’s blue costume, but I felt like sharing it, in case anyone wants to cosplay as her, OR go as her for Halloween. Here’s the link: http://www.herostime.com/Spider-Girl-Costume-Mayday-Parker-Blue-Black-Morph-Suit-SC084.html#.VctWRvlVhBc

May_Parker_&_April_Parker_(Earth-982)Since, like I said, April and Spider-Girl aren’t too well known, here’s a pic of them both!


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