Comic Book commercials

I was watching an old episode of Movie Bob, and I heard him say something interesting about comics. During an episode about New 52, he argued that comics today do not have a continuity problem, they have a marketing problem. Apparently they rarely advertise in anything other than in other comics, and they are no longer accessible at places where people buy other things i.e. drug stores or grocery stores. While most of that is probably right, I began wondering if maybe, just maybe, commercials for comics just… don’t work. I then scoured all of the corners of the internet searched for some commercials on youtube, and here is what I found:

Comic Book ads:

G.I.Joe Marvel comics animation commercial COMPILATION COMPLETE

Transformers Power Masters Comic Book Commercial

Ultraverse Comic Books Commercial – 1993

Ultraverse Ad Jump! Jump On Now! (1993-1994)

Spider-Man comic book commercial – 1996

Comic Book Store Ads:

Comics On Parade – DC Comics Commercial

Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash Spot

Secret Stash Commercial

The Stories Haunted Comic Book Store T-Shirt Commercial

Wade’s Comic Madness Black Friday Sale Commercial (spider madness)

That one only has like, 92 views since last black Friday!

Comic ads for other things:

White Castle Castlemeal Comic Book Commercial 1989

Glad-Lock Zipper Bags Comic Book Guy Ad from 1991

DC Comics Burger King Commercial

It seems that if you know that you want to read comics, than you go and search for comics. Comic Book store commercials seem to be more plentiful than ones for actual comics. Cartoons, movies, and misc merchandise seem to be the best way to advertise comics outside of the ads you see inside of the actual comic, and that is sad. The best ones up there are for the like of Ultraverse, and they ended up defunct after Marvel bought them, Marvel Comics themselves having to file for bankruptcy later that same decade. So what good are commercials again?

Note, I’m sure that some of the ads were online only.

And now a wtf: 



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