Too Much Clothes?

Jnig mario
What a racoon, am I right?

I’m not a fan of super popular cosplayer Jessica Nigiri. I wanted to mention that right away. It’s nothing personal, and I harbor no ill feelings really, I’m just not her fan boy, because I’m no cosplayers fan boy. Period. I see through the appeal, and I just don’t buy into it when it comes to any of them. That being said, Jnig, you go girl!

A friend shared a recent post of hers from Facebook about a recent event she was in, as well as the heavy sexism of the audience. It’s a pretty good read, and I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I did:
Jnig toomuch

Out of obligation, here are some more random pictures of Jessica Nigiri, because Google is AMAZING!

jnig nightmare

jnig rainbow jnig lol jnig furry


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