Flashback Friday: The 1990’s: The birth of escapism?

What were the 1990’s about again? As a resident generation Y member/millennial who’se childhood was mainly in this decade… I got nothing. Was it about escapism? I watched a lot of television, played a bit of SNES, and etc. What were we escaping from then? We seemed to hate society a bit, and we were given an excellent tool to do so, the internet! It boomed! When the 2000’s hit, we had September 11th, 2001. We got really afraid and I believe carried over the escapism up to not eleven, but even further. Broad band internet is such a mixed blessing, huh? Below are some videos painting a better picture of what the 1990’s were actually about than I ever could.

The 1990’s in Ten Minutes

THE 90s DIDN’T SUCK (The Big Picture)

Top 50 Movies of the 1990s

Top 10 Trends of the 1990s

Top 25 Cartoons of the 90s.

I miss the 90’s.


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