Is the Nintendo Hype Train too much too late?

With Super Mario Maker coming out September 11th, it’s hard to not look at all of the YouTubers and ‘journalists,’ as they make money videos showing the game off! Sometimes they are explaining how certain modes of the game work, whether it is level editing, starting the game, what happens in 100 man Mario, or even if it’s just a simple let’s play. Truly, Super Mario Maker is the best thing to happen to some of these members of the gaming community. Since Nintendo, who caused controversy with their Nintendo YouTube affiliate program last year, is treating people who play ball with them very well, is Super Mario Maker being over hyped and what games will be next to receive this same treatment?

smbcspecialMy roommate is afraid that I’m going to ruin the game for myself. I watch footage daily, but due to it still not coming out for 3 more weeks, I’ve started playing and watching YouTube videos of other games, such as: Super Mario Bros. Crossover, which includes levels and enemies from Super Mario 2: The Lost Levels, as well as the PC game Super Mario Bros. Special.

CartoonDolphinsSince Super Mario Maker is being put to the test and recorded by paid professionals, certain theories about Nintendo’s omission of not just most power ups, but game specific objects, such as the dolphin platforms from Super Mario World, have started to arise.

berthaWhen would I have noticed the omissions of enemies such as Super Mario Bros. 3’s Big Bertha? Or the fact that I don’t even think a partial land and water stage such as the one to the left is even possible? After the 9 days when I’ll have unlocked all of the amazing items that everyone has to wait to unlock? I feel like we’ve been shown everything, but not quite shown the capabilities of everything… hopefully in 3 weeks, this game will still have some mysteries, but I dunno. Maybe some free DLC will extend the wonder that is Super Mario Maker? Sort of like the on-disc-free-DLC for Splatoon? I’m just speculating now… Speaking about speculations…

What game is next? I feel like it might be 2016’s Pokkén Tournament, whose latest trailer can not be seen and heard below. Why? Because I didn’t like the music choice, so I went with another. err, enjoy?

Bandai Namco and Nintendo are pretty tight these days ::cough:: Super Smash Bros. ::cough:: as is series creator Game Freaks for the most part. Will they let just anyone who want an early copy get one? I don’t think so? They might target e-athletes with a large online presence on YouTube, such as Swoozie, or just keep promoting it at large tournaments. I do believe that there will be a lot of videos online, and hopefully that will make the game a huge success.

cover_largeWill Super Mario Maker’s constant informative/entertaining videos make more people buy the game than it would have with just it’s E3 and Nintendo Direct videos? Yes. I’m one of those people who thought it wasn’t worth full price now obsessed fan converts. Will it make us feel like nothing because we’ve already seen so much? Possibly?

Expect a ton of Super Mario Maker posts the closer we get to release, with even more immediately afterwords. Like, a lot more!


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