I blame the French… bread.

521Does anyone else ever have problems swallowing food? Yesterday I ate a bite of french bread, and I thought that I had ssuccessfully chewed it enough to swallow, but I was wrong, as it got stuck somewhere in my esophagus. No biggie, I just drink some water a few times and it slightly painfully goes down, right? But I don’t have water… and I’m on the road, 10 minutes away from home. I can breath, but I’m totally afraid.

My saliva gets all stringy, and I can’t swallow enough to make a difference. I take deep breaths to prove to myself that I’m NOT choking, and this will work it’s self out. As soon as I get onto the long street that leads into my neighborhood, I mostly involuntarily throw up some in my mouth, saliva mostly with a little bit of bread. I stop to spit it out, and things are… a little better? I drive home, and run to the water faucet outside, and gulp down some water, slightly painfully, and after a second… I’m fine.

Wheew. Stupid grocery store, trying to kill me with free french bread coupon.


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