It’s a Race!

cover_largeOne of my concerns about the upcoming September 11th release of Super Mario Maker for Wii U, was that therre would be an over saturation of both levels, and YouTube videos, and that burning everyone out before the game comes out.well… that might be happening already, but something I wasn’t expecting happened first. Crazy copyright claims. Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku has received one from Playboy, of all companies, because of the Automatic Mario levels in her video being, of course, identical to that of theirs that they posted prior. Gotta love Youtube’s auto copyright flagging system, right?

By the time everyone get’s their hands on the game, expect even more interesting claims, as the self-playing levels are quite popular, and the music might also send an automatic flag, as last I checked, Nintendo owns all of the music in Super Mario.

For Patricia’s article, visit the link here:


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