picture033For some reason, I love patches. What started out as a Ghostbusters cosplay has only ended up with a pair of coveralls filled with no less than 11 patches, 24 if you include on the back.

I added two more recently, mainly because I needed to increase the dollar value of an order on amazon because I didn’t qualify for free shipping without adding those on, and doing so made it the same cost technically, but hey… I snagged a sweet Jurassic Park patch and a Captain America shield because of it all!

Is it ironic that the only patch that never attached properly was the one I got from NASA of the then upcoming ORION program that replaced the Space Shuttle program?

I’ve purchased a couple of my patches at anime conventions, some online, and a couple from NASA here in Houston. Sadly I’ve lost a few patches over the year, including a Wii patch I got when I worked at GameSTOP, as well as one of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. The Wii one was because I honestly did not have anything worth putting it on at the time, but the one of Ariel is sadly due to my own lack luster organizational and time management skills.

picture036I’ve had to go back and fix a few patches, going back over them with an iron much later, but sadly only my X-Men patch has fallen off. Well, besides the letters I had spelling out LUM above my image of the green haired ogre Space Alien from popular 80’s Rumiko Takahashi anime Urusei Yatsura. I didn’t put them back on after loosing a letter.

picture035There aren’t a lot of dealers at conventions that have a plethora of patches, so when I do see one, I end up spending forever and a day talking to them and digging through their wares. The artist alley typically only has buttons, and that’s sad. I could really use an awesome large piece for my back, but I have yet to see anything that I’ve liked, and also… I really haven’t seen ANYTHING that large. Maybe I’ll end up getting a huge cutie mark from MLP there, or something?

foleycrestSo the question that I often get about this obsession a lot, is WHY?! It is a rather dorky hobby, is it not? Well, the answer is sadder then you would think. Before this obsession started, all I wanted was to get a simple tattoo on my right shoulder of my families’ crest. My father objected, and I was a coward who wanted his approval, so no tattoo. Now I can technically wear this outfit whenever I want, and no one should say anything because hell, this was my Plan B, right? *sigh*

If I ever do get a tattoo, I don’t think I’m going to get the crest anymore. Maybe I’ll do another article on dorky tattoos I’ve wanted/want?


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