Reality Shyft

While watching the 2014 Rick and Morty comic con panel, Justin Roiland tells someone that every month you should try to make AND finish something. Dan Harmond agreed. Taking their word for it, I’ve decided to put a ‘The End’ on a script that I had made for a possible animation. I had intended to flesh the script out a little bit more, possibly get a friend to make some drawings for it, but… here it is!

Reality Shyft

***Please read script before reading below***

Below is where I want to take this series.

Reality Shyft is sort of like Sliders, but in the first season it’s mainly about the ‘main character’ being swapped out by his female equivalent from a world where gender roles have been reversed. Basically, that makes Jackie the same as Jack, right? Because he’s in some gender flipped world too so they should basically still be parallel, yes? Well Jackie ended up in the show’s world, but it turns out Jack ended up in a world where society is like it was around the 60’s – 70’s, the races were flipped and the societal roles went along with those. So George Washington was black, no big deal until someone new shows up huh? There was going to be a joke at the end of the season where Sully, an African American who happens to be a nihilist, eagerly jumps into that reality, and within 24 hours he became a vice president of a company, but sadly ends up being ripped back to the show’s reality, causing him much depression.

Jumping back to why this would be done, it complicates things. Jackie and Sachie end up together, but they decide that she should go home to be with Sachie’s equivalent, as all of the emotional growth that she made, Jack should have made. Well, Jack is still a sexist bro, much to Sachie’s upset. Sachie attempts to get Jackie back.

Sully and Sachie are brother and sister, despite one being black and the other being Asian. An explanation will NEVER be given. Ever. Their parents, will never be fully shown, but possibly heard, giving no clarity as to how this happened. It’s a stupid poke at Fox’s Marvel movie, Fant 4 Stick.

Garrick… well… if he falls in love with Jackie, does that make him gay for Jack?

Also, Adam makes a lot of implications that Jack is a clone of Adam, that was possibly supposed to end up as a woman anyways… for… reasons. Adam will say weird things about this to Jackie, such as: “Go live the lesbian dream that I’ve always had!” when it comes to her and Sachie. Adam also is obsessed with anime, referencing it a lot. He’s sort of like that weird father that you know he went to Anime conventions when he was younger, and that’s just weird, because THOSE were his glory days?


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