A game that isn’t out until next week is the #1 Wii U game

Wow Screw Attack, you couldn’t have waited like, a week or so to publish this video? I don’t want to accuse your company of being in The Big N’s pocket or anything, but I think you have something on your face there.

Spoiler alert, it’s of course Super Mario Maker. Yeah. Thes lists are making me start to hate Super Mario Maker. YEAH. So by the time Super Mario Maker comes out, there wont be anything to really talk about, and everyone’s going to be going “oh hey, remember Mario Maker videos? Pfft… it’s all about the exclusive Pokken beta demo now that reviewers have!”


I do not have my hands on Super Mario Maker, and I’ve really come to terms with that. #1 on the list seems rather high though, as it’s not like this is Minecraft or something! The glaring lack of this or that from whatever game has upset me, and I do not even own it. The lack of a real campaign alone make this game seem not worthy of #1. Everyone is in the honey moon phase, so of course this marriage is the one that’s amazing and going to last.



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