Flashback Friday* – Rule 63 style?

I was digging through my external, and I came across some illustrations that were made of me as a woman for a video I had made when me and a buddy were attempting to make a site similar in style to That Guy With The Glasses. The site was eventually abandoned, and I have a few videos I need to upload to YouTube. Getting back to the topic at hand, here are the three gender bent images that were made for it. Enjoy?


The first two were made by someone on 4chan asking to draw pictures of people, and when I asked them if I could use it, they made me a better version below that. Their deviantart is here: http://ahundred.deviantart.com/

Julie's art
This picture was done by a friend of mine, and her deviantart can be found here: http://misakichan1337.deviantart.com/

Maybe I’ll have someone draw me in the future? I dunno, probably not. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed the art!

*Yes, I realize that today is Saturday. I at least started the article on a Friday?


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