The Black Swallow of Death

Eugene_Jacques_Bullard,_first_African_American_combat_pilot_in_uniform,_First_World_WarDuring my lunch break at work, I read about Eugene Bullard, this bad ass African American military pilot from World War I who was nicknamed The Black Swallow of Death.  He fled to Paris, France in his teens for a better life due to the racism in The United States, and fought in WWI and WWII in The French Foreign Legion. Every single time he tried to be a pilot for The US, he was refused because we were only accepting white pilots.

In WWII he owned a popular night club that the Germans seemed to really love. It’s a shame those Nazi’s didn’t know that he was fluent in German, and was thus spying on them for The French Freedom Fighters.

Sadly, he came back to America, and well… he lived an interesting life. He got beaten up in the Peekskill Riots, was an interpreter for Louis Armstrong, and  working as an elevator operator near the end of his life, he eventually died at the age of 66 from stomach cancer in 1961.

Yeah… America sort of sucked then, like a lot. France made this HERO a chevalier (knight) in 1954. In 1994, The U.S. posthumously made Eugene Bullard a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force…. …. ….


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