My Little Sunday…

Sunday aweklrj asdfj klajsdf pointless opasjdpj asdfkpasjdj asdjksakdj worthless. Rreiptj qweopi qeipu gidjriqer Chick-fil-a asdl;jk awklerj fk closed asdkasldk Sunday. fjwehr asdasiorh, BAH!

Not trying to phone this one in, but it’s been a little while since I’ve done a useless Sunday post. Mostly I’ve been watching cartoons and playing video games. HEY! That’s what this post will be about!

Rick and Morty – There’s a new episode later tonight at 11:30 pm ET for Season 2, and if you have the Season 1 on DVD or Blu Ray, there are a ton of stuff on the disc! Animatics for every episode, deleted scenes, commentary tracks for every episode with additional guest commentary as well, really fun stuff!

Super Mario Maker – I still haven’t gotten around to reviewing this game that I waited in line and bought my first ever amiibos for, which is something I should really get on, but you know… lazy, and still waiting to get 50 stars so I can share more levels. Here’s a video I made of my most popular level though, and if you are so inclined to play it, please star it. It’s ID is: 2562-0000-0020-EFC8

My Little Pony – Yesterday there was an episode that was previously leaked, but also there was the movie Equestria Girls Friendship Games that came out, and is apparently over at Daily motion. There’s a creepy song in it that reminds me of one that that villain from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dam a little. Also felt a slight Little Mermaid vibe in it, but it’s more subtle. Look, I’m not saying that this is the best movie in the series, but hey… maybe you should watch it? There’s also a Sailor Moon Stars vibe at the end.

Humble Comics Bundle – They have a really interesting bundle of comic books that have either all, at one time or another, been banned or challenged. Bone, Elf Quest, Barefoot Gen… really great stuff here!

Wheew. That’s… some stuff to do. And now to research Mermaids. Hey, that’s something to do as well!


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